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Volunteer Spotlight | Revving the Creative Engines

Updated: May 24, 2022

Earlier this month, families had a chance to make their mark on a super cool Corvette! Owner Adam and volunteers Angy and Naomi provided stencils, a special rubber-based paint, and some helpful hints to pediatric residents before they began to spray away. From sugar skulls to freehanded designs, family members added their own unique touches to this mobile fundraising canvas. Once complete, Adam will drive the masterpiece for the rest of the year, visiting car shows and local events to raise funds for cancer research and support services.

Adam has been offering his Corvette to creative Brent's Place families since 2015 as a tribute to his wife, Dee Jai, who passed away from stomach cancer in 2004.

"She picked the car out and it has lots of memories for us," Adam said. "Dee Jai would have liked what we're doing a lot, and so I always put a dragonfly on it somewhere for her."

Prepping the car for painting is a multi-day process, with an entire day devoted to peeling off the previous year's design. Adam then painstakingly covers the original paint with several layers of rubber coating and takes steps to protect the tires, windows, and detail work. Three to four days later, it's ready for the creativity of our families.

"Often people want to memorialize someone or honor someone they're caring for," Adam said of the breadth of designs. "And really, I think it's cathartic. For me, too."

We're so grateful to Adam, Angy, and Naomi for providing this fun treat for our families and we can't wait to see them next year.

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