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Our Locations

Brent's Place serves more than 300 families annually.

While Brent’s Place began with a single location, the number of families traveling to Colorado for life-saving treatment that are in need of long-term housing has increased year-over-year. To meet the needs of this growing population, we’ve expanded to offer to nearly 70 fully furnished apartments in two locations across the Denver Metro area.


Aurora Campus

Our Aurora Campus, located just blocks away from Anschutz Medical Campus, features 32 fully furnished apartments for pediatric patients and their families.


The Forum Fitzsimons

Located directly across from the Anschutz Medical Campus, this newly built apartment complex hosts 36 fully furnished Brent’s Place apartments for adult patients and their families.

Keeping Families Together in Times of Crisis

We believe maintaining an intact family structure is crucial to each family member's health and well-being. Unlike other hospitality options, Brent’s Place apartments offer a private living space large enough to safely support up to seven family members, promoting stability and connectivity as families face unthinkable challenges.


Safe-Clean Accommodations

Each fully furnished Brent’s Place apartment, no matter the location, meets stringent Safe-Clean requirements, developed collaboratively with world-class medical experts. These standards minimize patient exposure to bacteria and other airborne toxins (ex. mold) found in all public spaces, including the hotels and rental properties which serve as the primary alternative housing option for patients who travel far from home in search of life-saving medical care.

More Than Just Shelter

Our support goes above and beyond providing families a safe place to stay during their search for a medical miracle. From food security programs to financial support, the respite services at Brent’s Place are designed to help the patient and each resident family member cope with stress, depression, and anxiety, allowing families to focus on the hard work of healing.

A Home Away From Home – That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Brent's Place exists to provide the essential housing and support services needed by families facing life-threatening illnesses. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, volunteers, supporters and the shared commitment of our hospital partners, the doors of hope and healing remain open for families with no length of stay limits, regardless of their financial status. 

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