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Safe-Clean Housing

For patients with compromised or suppressed immune systems, even common germs can be life-threatening. That is why every Brent’s Place apartment meets stringent Safe-Clean standards, developed in conjunction with the world-class infectious disease experts.


Our Safe-Clean guidelines minimize exposure to harmful bacteria, dander, dirt, dust, mold and other airborne toxins commonly found in public spaces – including hotels and other rental properties that currently represent the only alternative for immunocompromised patient families seeking shelter far from home. 


By providing our residents with education and select cleaning products, we help keep their home away from home free of harmful toxins, ensuring our most medically vulnerable residents  a safe place to rest and recover.

“A regular cold can put my daughter in the hospital. I know I don’t have to worry about her health and safety and nothing matches that.

We have a safe bubble here.” 

- Christie, parent and former resident

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