Safe-Clean Housing

For patients with compromised immune systems,

any germ can be concerning.

Brent's Place has an independent living concept that allows immune-compromised patients to have a space where they recover after receiving life saving treatment. All apartments meet our Safe-Clean requirements and are maintained according to best practice standards of hygiene. These standards were developed by Brent's Place in conjunction with the bone marrow transplant team at Children's Hospital Colorado.  Read the CHCO recommendations on How to Fight the Flu.

Our strict standards minimize exposure to bacteria, dander, dirt, dust, mold and other airborne toxins found in public spaces - including hotels and other rental properties that currently represent the only alternative for immune-compromised patients far from home.

We believe maintaining an intact family structure is crucial to each family member's health and well-being, so our apartments are suitable for the entire family.

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"Brent’s Place provides Safe-Clean housing to our patients who travel literally hundreds of miles to receive care at our center. Without this invaluable resource, I’m not sure that we could help these patients."

-Dr. Michael Verneris, Pediatric Professor, Director of BMT and Cellular Therapy at Children's Hospital Colorado