2019 Financial Highlights

Brent Eley Foundation
2019 Operating Revenue and Expenses

The Brent Eley Foundation and the Brent Eley Center are nonprofit organizations located in Aurora, Colorado.  
The Brent Eley Foundation ID #84-1387528 and the Brent Eley Center ID #20-5313113. 
For a set of financial statements or a copy of our IRS Form 990, contact Barb Heverly at barbheverly@brentsplace.org.

Brent Eley Foundation and Brent Eley Center, Inc.
Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
December 31, 2019 and 2018 (Audited)

Generous community support of Brent's Place Safe-Clean living facilities and programs resulted in an increase in Consolidated Net Assets of $334,413.

Thank you to our generous community of donors that supported Brent's Place in 2019. To see a list of individuals, companies and foundations that gave at the $1,000 plus level in the past year, please view our 2019 Financial Report.

Thanks to philanthropy and our hospital partners, families never

receive a bill from Brent's Place.