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Volunteer Spotlight | Delivering Healing With Mary

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Meet Mary, volunteer extraordinaire! An Aurora native, Mary has been donating her time and talents to Brent’s Place for years. From meal support to our winter holiday gift extravaganza, Mary has seen it all.

“Some people know why they were put here,” Mary says. “Me? I was put on this Earth to help.”

And with a background in both nursing and catering, she knows the importance of nourishing families navigating the uncertainty of a medical emergency.

As a meal support volunteer, Mary puts her culinary skills to work ensuring families receive a hot, fresh dinner. In June, Mary worked side-by-side with her daughter and grandson to serve up sweet and sour chicken dinners for over 100 people! Their afternoon of hard work made a huge impact on caregivers, relieving them of the financial and psychological stress of providing a nourishing meal that night.

Mary also serves up hope and healing once a week by dropping off hot, fresh meals to in-patient families at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Often, in-patient families have little time, energy, and money to devote to eating healthy meals, let alone access to a kitchen to prepare a meal, so delivered meals is a huge help. These short, one-hour shifts mean Mary can make an impact, even with a busy schedule.

“Seeing the families is wonderful,” she says, describing the moment she hands a hot meal to our residents. “Especially when they learn I’m bringing them pizza!”

Using just a few hours of your day, you can deliver compassion to families as a Meal Support volunteer. Learn more about these opportunities below.

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