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Volunteer Spotlight | Making a Difference Locally

Being pre-med at CU Denver, Joanna was interested in getting involved with her community to learn more about the needs of local populations. Living only five minutes from Brent’s Place pediatric campus, she realized she had the perfect opportunity to give back right in her own backyard.

“I never realized how important long term care was,” she said, speaking to the lack of discussion about aftercare in many of her classes. “What happens after they’re diagnosed? Brent’s Place is a cool opportunity for families living far from treatment. There’s a space for them to be close to the hospital.”

The access families have to life-saving medical treatment is close to Joanna’s heart and the reason she’s chosen a career in the healthcare field. “The inequality the Hispanic population faces really drives me,” she said, adding that due to socio-economic inequity and language barriers, Hispanic patients often don’t receive the care they desperately need. “I know I want to help the community, especially locally. These people around me feel like my own family.”

In her role as a Front Desk volunteer, Joanna is the first face many families see on their daily medical journey, providing a smile, guidance, and compassion for each of our residents. We’re so grateful to her for volunteering her time to the families of Brent’s Place and wish her success in her future career goals!

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