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Mission Moment | Cody’s Journey from Paralysis to Possibility

Updated: Apr 3

In 2021, Cody faced total paralysis from the waist down. Six months of grueling rehabilitation followed, with one singular goal in mind - to walk again and return to his beloved ranch. But fate had another challenge in store. 

A blood test prompted by a blood clot in his right leg uncovered more devastating news: Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a relentless cancer of the blood and bone marrow. Cody was whisked from Wyoming to the University of Colorado Hospital that day, in search of life-saving treatment.  

The urgency was palpable as Cody’s oncologist stressed, “We can’t wait. We need to start chemotherapy today.” Donna vividly recalls those agonizing days, fearing the unknown, fearing for Cody’s life.

Navigating the unknowns of treatment and city life seemed insurmountable, until a glimmer of hope emerged - Brent’s Place. From the moment they arrived, they were embraced by warmth and compassion that exceeded all expectations. 

Donna’s words echo the sentiment shared by many: “We are from a ranch 45 miles from any town. We never lived in a city and didn’t know what to expect. Our apartment was very nice, and we found much-needed comfort, safety, and a sense of belonging.” 

Even when Cody’s cancer returned, and the pair flew back to Denver for medical care, Donna said the overwhelming generosity and love that has been shown to us is awe-inspiring…now we believe in miracles.” 

As Cody undergoes a bone marrow transplant, their stay at Brent’s Place extends, offering them not just shelter, but a sense of belonging and hope for the future. As they dream of returning home and being reunited with their family, grand babies, and the simple joys of ranch life, Brent’s Place will support every step of the way. 

Join us in ensuring that families facing a medical crisis have a sanctuary to call home during their most challenging time - get involved with Brent's Place today!

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