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Growth Report | Welcoming Chef Kevin

Updated: Apr 18

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member, Chef Kevin! Kevin spent most of his career working in large-scale catering and banquets and wanted to finish out his career by giving back and serving the community. When he heard about Brent's place, he knew this was where he wanted to be.

As the first in-house chef in our 27-year history, Kevin has an exciting vision for expanding food programming. Kevin most looks forward to “providing nourishing, delicious food that heals and provides comfort and support to those whose lives are so badly disrupted. I want to give families time to be their loved ones. I want to be a part of making positive memories for those who need it most.”

We will pause meal volunteer shifts in May to allow Kevin time to work his magic, including creating unique chef-led volunteer experiences. Stay tuned for yummy updates coming soon!

Kevin has a heart for our mission and won’t hesitate to combine food and fun. “I look forward to instituting programs and events for families, staff, and our volunteers that spread joy, like chef-partnered volunteer meal service and cookie-decorating classes during the  holidays.”

Staff and families on both campuses are already indulging in Kevin's talents. He hosted a BBQ at our pediatric campus with plant-based and beef burgers, grilled chicken, beans, and potato salad. So as not to leave anyone hungry, Kevin also hosted a lunch at our adult campus (located at The Forum), which was attended by 40 Brent's Place residents and staff. Thank you for nourishing us all with your big heart and culinary mastery, Kevin. We are thrilled to welcome you to the Brent’s Place family!

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