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Introducing WE RISE: Rooted in Hope, Growing Together

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At Brent’s Place, family is everything. Like a mature tree provides shade on a hot day, these relationships provide us with sturdy supports of growth, comfort, and shelter during life’s storms.

Rooted in our values of compassion, integrity, respect, responsibility, and quality of life, the Brent’s Place family tree grows stronger with every passing day. We are fortunate to have a family of supporters who lift up our families as they face life-threatening illness and medical crises.

This summer, while we can’t yet reunite for our annual Block Party, we invite those that form the sturdy branches of our network of care to join us as WE RISE together to a brighter tomorrow.

WE RISE is a summer engagement campaign designed to share stories of resilience and reconnection, to reflect on where we have come from, where we are now, and where we are heading.

Thanks to the generous support of The Ellison Family, The Staples Family, The Simon Family, and an anonymous donor, every gift up to a total of $30,000 will be matched dollar for dollar, DOUBLING the impact of each individual donation.

This campaign is so much more than a fundraiser; it’s an opportunity to reconnect with the many members that make up our Brent’s Place family tree – and to welcome new ones. We hope you’ll share this unique campaign with your network and extend the opportunity to support our families. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and here on our blog as we reflect on the past and look forward to what is on the horizon.

Ready to rise up? Learn more about WE RISE and make your contribution today.

Day 1

The WE RISE campaign is an opportunity to look back on the resiliency of our community this past year and to reconnect with you as we look ahead, together, to a brighter tomorrow.

For one adult transplant patient and her family, that tomorrow is today. After becoming gravely ill with acute onset heart failure, Beverly, 60, received a new heart this past May and has been recovering since at our Forum offsite campus.

Here, she rings the bell to announce her discharge from the hospital and the beginning of her recovery. While she does so, she says, “I ring this bell once to honor my God, twice to celebrate my strength, and three times to encourage those who follow in my steps.”

We’re here with you, Beverly, as you take your first steps toward tomorrow and every day after that.

Thanks to generous supporters like you, we can continue to help families like Beverly’s as they navigate uncertainty and anxiety during medical crises. For a limited time, every gift up to a total of $30,000 will be matched dollar for dollar, DOUBLING your impact. Give what you can today.

Day 2

There’s nothing quite like a hot meal to bring families together.

The Brent’s Place family has been enjoying the culinary talents of volunteer chefs Chris and Julie every month for almost eight years. Together, they’ve provided our families with nearly 100 home cooked meals!

Partners in culinary compassion since 2012, Chris and Julie love applying their creativity and skills to a worthy cause. While the Brent’s Place staff is currently delivering meals directly to families, they’re excited to reconnect with families during in-person buffet service.

“When people find out we’re cooking,” Julie says, “everyone shows up!”

What’s on the menu tonight? Goulash! This delicious dish will warm the bellies and souls of our families, relieving them of the added stress of preparing a meal after a long day.

Join us in thanking Chris and Julie and all our generous volunteers by contributing to our meal support efforts. WE RISE together by bringing families in need the comforts of home. Thanks to our generous sponsors, right now, every gift up to a total of $30,000 will be matched dollar for dollar, DOUBLING the impact of each individual donation.

Day 3

Like so many people who were separated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, families living at Brent’s Place in 2020 had to get creative with ways to see their loved ones. When we think of how our families rise up in the face of adversity, we’re reminded of one particularly inventive family that devised a unique way to reconnect, safely.

At the time, seven-year-old Kellen was living at Brent's Place with his dad Jason, while his mom, Kourtnie, and sister, Kenlie, were back home in Grand Junction. As a nurse, Kourtnie was all too aware of the danger a virus could cause her son's suppressed immune system, but she also missed her family. So, Kourtnie got to work thinking up a safe way for the family to reunite.

Her solution? A socially distanced meet-up featuring one balcony, two chairs, and a cellphone!

We’re continually inspired by the resiliency of our residents and their ability to rise above whatever roadblocks come their way.

With your help, WE RISE as one community rooted in hope, no matter the challenges. Contribute to our WE RISE campaign and, for a limited time, your impact will be DOUBLED, up to $25,000. Help ensure families facing a medical crises find a home away from home.

Day 4

The Brent’s Place family tree is always growing, and sometimes, its branches intersect to emerge stronger and rise higher. Such is the case for Caitlin McPherson, a longtime volunteer with Brent’s Place who recently joined our Family Support staff as a full-time coordinator.

Caitlin began volunteering with Brent’s Place when she was only 13, and she’s been an important member of our family ever since. Her positivity, empathy, and experience with the Brent’s Place mission make her a powerful advocate for those we serve.

“The first word that comes to mind when I think of Brent’s Place is ‘family,’ Caitlin says. “While they may share commonality, their experiences are unique. Brent’s Place recognizes this and consistently supports each individual's needs. This authenticity connects me to our mission.”

WE RISE together thanks in part to the big hearts of team members like Caitlin, who live the Brent’s Place values every day.

Check out a bit of Caitlin’s journey with us below, and support the work we do to provide families in need with a home away from home.

Day 5

Happy National Parents’ Day! On July 25, we take a moment to honor the parents of Brent’s Place. Whether they be staff, volunteers, donors, caregivers, or patients themselves, we celebrate their resiliency and steadfast strength everyday, but especially today.

While we would normally be reconnecting in person to celebrate this holiday and each of our families, this year, WE RISE together to say thank you to the incredible parents of our community, including Christie, pictured here with her daughter Tabitha, 8, after receiving a matching haircut in support of her daughter’s fight against acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL).

Special thanks to Meghan Monique at Fluid Hair Studio and Ellie Wagley for donating these amazing cuts.

In honor of the parental figure in your life, will you rise up for Brent’s Place today? Right now, your gift will be DOUBLED thanks to the generous support of The Ellison Family, The Staples Family, The Simon Family, and an anonymous donor.

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