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Donate Goods to Brent's Place

In-kind donations (i.e. tangible goods and services) enable Brent’s Place to focus funding and resources towards meeting the housing and supportive programming needs of families. In addition to providing the essentials our families need, in-kind donations can help reduce the emotional and financial burden faced by Brent's Place residents as they seek life-saving medical treatment. Here are a few ways you can contribute in-kind this holiday season and beyond.

Before You Donate...

In order to maintain Safe-Clean living accommodations for our immunocompromised population, we are unable to accept the following in-kind donations:

  1. We cannot accept plush items (stuffed animals, etc.) 

  2. We cannot accept any used donations 

  3. We cannot accept any open items 

  4. We cannot accept any clothing donations

If in doubt, please call (720) 877-5266 before bringing your donations to Brent’s Place. Thank you for your support!

Our Current In-Kind Wishlist

Marmalejo, Salome.jpg

Gift Cards

Give our residents the freedom to choose with gift cards to retailers, coffee shops, and gas stations.

Cleaning Products

Safe-Clean Supplies

Help protect the most vulnerable residents by providing essential items for our living spaces.


Meal Support

Deliver a bit of comfort after a long day of medical treatment by sponsoring a hot meal for our families.

Cece and her bed_edited.jpg

Home Comfort

Make our residents' home away from home just a little more comfortable with new bedding, linens, and more.

Headband 1.jpeg

Self Care

Provide opportunities for residents to rest, relax, and recharge in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Logan + Family with Cake and Presents.jpg

Birthday Sponsorship

Help make a resident's special day even more complete by granting their unique birthday wishes.

Jessie Boyd Coloring 2.jpg


Help patients and their families relax and spend time together after long days at the hospital and in treatment.

June calendar_edited.jpg

Organizational Tools

Make it easier for patients and caregivers to keep track of medical information, appointments, and more. 


Apartment Basics

Provide a new family with living essentials, allowing them to stay focused on the health and wellbeing of their loved one. 

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