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Brent's Story

Eley_Family.jpgThe Brent Eley Foundation was created in 1997 by Donn and Linda Eley as a tribute to their young son, Brent, who was 13 years old when he was diagnosed in 1987 with a fast-growing malignant cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. Because his was a rare and aggressive type of cancer, Brent required a bone marrow transplant as a critical step in his medical care. However, no facility in his hometown of Denver was able to provide this treatment, which offered him the best chance at survival. The family was forced to relocate to Iowa City, Iowa for more than six months. Not only were they separated from their community of support during this time, the difficult responsibility of finding and maintaining a safe home for their son, who was immune compromised as a result of his treatments, fell squarely on their own shoulders. With no options for safe and clean housing outside of the hospital after his transplant, Brent had to stay the greatest majority of his time in the hospital while his parents lived in a rented apartment for his 160 day hospital stay.

Very sadly, following a brave year-long fight, Brent passed away from complications related to his transplant. As a result of Brent’s separation from his family at a time of critical need and the extreme difficulty in finding suitable clean living arrangements, the ordeal was far worse for Brent and his family than it might have been had they been able to stay together full-time as a family unit. The Eley family returned to Denver with the dream of helping others who temporarily have to relocate for life saving cancer treatment, mindful of the fact that even their less than ideal living arrangements would have been financially impossible for many families. After ten years of raising funds in support of pediatric cancer programs, the Eleys established the Brent Eley Foundation in 1997.

Brent_Eley-(1).jpgShortly after the Foundation was established, the first Brent's Place facility opened its doors in 1998 to fill the need in the Denver area for living accommodations suitable for pediatric patients and their families following bone marrow transplants. In 2009, Brent’s Place opened its new Aurora facility, just blocks from the new acclaimed Children’s Hospital Colorado and Anschutz Medical Campus.

Today Brent's Place serves as a medical hospitality house and addresses the special needs of a niche in the pediatric oncology/hematology treatment community that would otherwise go unserved. As the industry leader in bone marrow transplant (BMT) housing and comprehensive support programs uniquely tailored for pediatric oncology and hematology patients, Brent's Place provides Rocky Mountain region families who travel far from home with increased access to medical care options, as well as relief from the staggering emotional, financial and physical burdens they face.

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