Mission, Vision & Values


Our Vision and Mission

Brent's Place strives to provide a unique home away from home, that vigilantly protects the fragile health of patients while also strengthening the integrity of the family unit, enriching day-to-day life and fostering an unwavering community of support.

The Brent Eley Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.

Mission,vision and values

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide Safe-Clean housing and improve the quality of life for children and families living with cancer and other immunocompromising day at a time. 

Our Vision

Our Vision

That children with cancer and other severely immunocompromised patients and their families everywhere have access to a Safe-Clean Home of Hope and Healing.

Our Values

Our Values

1. Compassion by understanding the hopes and fears of the people we serve while striving to make their journey better.

2. Integrity by continually building relationships based on trust through honesty, sincerity, transparency, and accountability.

3. Respect by treating residents, families and other members of the community with courtesy, consideration, and sensitivity to their individual experiences and perspectives.

4. Responsibility by fulfilling our organizational goals through innovation, teamwork, and sound financial stewardship.

5. Quality of Life by creating a culture that values life balance and fulfillment for our residents, volunteers, and staff.

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