Admissions Criteria


How to Stay at Brent's Place

Anyone who stays at Brent’s Place must be referred by their assigned hospital Social Worker or other medical professional. If you are a patient or family member and you would like to learn more about staying at Brent’s Place:

First: Ask your Social worker or other medical professional about staying with Brent’s Place.

Second: Have that medical professional contact our program staff at Brent’s Place.

Third: Fill out our application which will be provided by your medical professional

A member of the Brent’s Place program staff will contact you to learn more about your family’s needs and to set up a time for intake.

Due to the needs of the families we serve, we do not accept independent referrals. If you are a patient or family member and believe you or your loved one is a fit for Brent's Place, speak to your hospital Social Worker about a referral. If you are a Social Worker, please call our Family Services Director at 720-343-2804.

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