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Safeguarding Your Donor Information Is Our Priority

On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, our database vendor, DonorPerfect, informed us that, out of 40,000+ records stored on their database, 15 donor records were compromised by an unauthorized actor.

While this was a minor cybersecurity breach that only compromised 18 image files stored on Brent’s Place donor records, we are dedicated to extending transparent and timely communications to our community of supporters. 

We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your donor information. For this reason, we do not store images of checks or other sensitive documents within DonorPerfect. Several organizational safeguards exist, including intentionally separating systems and data to mitigate risk. Our cybersecurity measures are regularly reviewed, and we will continue to prioritize investments that ensure the safekeeping of your information. 

Unfortunately, cyber thieves are becoming more sophisticated in their approach and now use social engineering methods. They take simple information they find online or via a database breach to mine for additional information. Combining sources allows for further identity theft activities to proceed, often undetected. 

For example, an unauthorized actor could make a call similar to this:

Hello, John Doe! 

This is Mark from Brent’s Place, and I wanted to thank you again for the $1,500 donation you provided on March 15.  Unfortunately, we are in dire need of more funds.  Is there a chance you can provide another donation today? I can share our account information for an electronic funds transfer or take your credit card over the phone so we can put your donation to immediate use.

Please consider the following tactics to protect your information:

  • Use extreme caution when sharing your information over the phone and online. 

  • Take a moment to verify the identity of the person calling or emailing you. You can determine if the caller or writer is who they say by checking your caller ID, reviewing our staff list on our website, and carefully looking for spelling inaccuracies in the email address.

  • Brent's Place will never call and request sensitive information or solicit donations via the phone. 

  • If you have received a suspicious caller posing as Brent's Place in the last few weeks, call your financial institutions and regularly review statements for unauthorized activity.  

For more information about this matter, please call 720-343-2800, and a member of the External Affairs team will be happy to assist you. On behalf of the Board, staff, and the families we serve, thank you for your continued investment in our mission and confidence in stewarding your treasures.

In trust,

Monique McCoy

VP of External Affairs

Brent’s Place

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