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Mission Moment | Logan’s Journey

In January 2023, Logan made an impromptu visit to the hospital, confused, because he didn’t know why he felt so sick. Logan quickly found out that his heart was failing and he was airlifted from Colorado Springs to the University of Colorado Hospital’s Anschutz Medical Campus. 

Logan remembers, “my mom graciously came straight to the hospital and ended up staying with me even though she had only packed a weeks worth of clothing. We were both really concerned about needing a place to stay…but in the heat of all that was happening, housing was a ‘we will cross that bridge when we get there’ thing, since, you know, I was dying.”

Doctors at UCH promptly informed Logan and his mother, Kelli, that a heart transplant would be necessary but he had grown too ill to undergo the procedure. An infection in Logan’s lung also threatened to jeopardize a new heart. Since Logan needed time to regain strength, he immediately underwent surgical implantation of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD), a pump that delivers oxygenated blood to the body when a patient reaches end-stage heart failure. 

A hospital social worker informed Brent’s Place of Logan and Kelli’s medical crisis. A month before Logan was discharged from the hospital, Brent’s Place ensured a Safe-Clean apartment was made available for Kelli. Logan feels grateful that, while he received life-saving treatment, his mother could avoid spending $100-$300 per night on hotels and had a base of operations to relax, do laundry, and get support.

Logan and Kelli found their home away from home at Brent’s Place while he received the support of the LVAD and patiently awaited the arrival of a new heart. We have been

grateful to support Logan and Kelli on their journey to wellness by providing space to heal at home, on family outings, and through arts and crafts programs. 

Logan bravely shares, “one of the most memorable moments at Brent’s Place was looking in the mirror and crying to see how much weight I had lost. It felt safe and

comforting to heal there. We just hung out a lot…it was nice to feel as if we were home and didn't have to worry about where we would land coming out of the hospital.”

Logan has since returned to Colorado Springs and says “I’m doing pretty good considering. I have a new heart, I am up on my feet, fully independent…I have some lingering issues that will clear up with time and have experienced no rejection.”

In wellness, Logan most looks forward to swimming and camping. Since his LVAD had to be plugged in, he couldn’t enjoy traveling or being in the water. He hopes to be well enough to adventure between appointments when the weather gets warmer. The entire Brent’s Place team is thrilled to wish Logan and Kelli happy, healthy trails ahead!

You can inspire hope and healing for young adults facing a medical crisis by getting involved with Brent’s Place.

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