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Mission Moment | Katie’s Journey

Katie’s journey with Brent’s Place began eighteen years ago, when she was diagnosed with cancer at just 2.5 years old.

Her diagnosis was stage 4 T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cancer (ALL), and it was uncertain whether she would make it through her first night in the hospital.

Katie healing at the Brent's Place playground in 2001

Doctors advised Katie's parents that a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) would be her saving grace, so Katie spent her 3rd birthday isolated for chemotherapy treatments, total body radiation, and a BMT.

Unfortunately, Katie relapsed soon afterward and doctors suggested her parents see her through the rest of her days at home. Heavy-hearted, the family weighed their options. Katie’s parents saw her ongoing will to fight, so her father researched experimental treatment options. A promising study at Children's Hospital Colorado seemed to be their only chance at a miracle, so the family packed up and traveled to Colorado for treatment right away.

Katie’s two older sisters asked their dad where they would be staying, to which he responded, “We are going to Brent's Place!” The family stayed together in Safe-Clean housing, while Katie underwent lifesaving treatment.

Thankfully, the experimental drug worked swiftly, and Katie was soon in remission! Katie has been cancer-free for eighteen years and only recently learned that she was the only survivor in that particular clinical trial.

Katie came back to Brent's Place this summer to intern with our External Affairs team. She fondly reflects her favorite parts of the summer internship were the annual events, Block Party and golf tournament.

"I loved getting to know all of the wonderful people continuing Brent's Place’s mission to change the lives of patients and families."

Katie with Linda and Donn Eley at the 2023 Golf Invitational

Katie is heading into her Senior year at CU Boulder, to graduate in December 2023. After that, she plans to travel to England and Ireland and then hopes to one day have a marketing career at the hospital that saved her life! Katie states, "I wish I were old enough to remember my time at Brent's Place because it's truly unique, coming back and meeting everyone!"

Bon Voyage and well wishes, Katie! Brent’s Place is honored to be a part of your special journey.

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