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Looking Ahead: A New Way to Volunteer With Brent's Place

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

For twenty-five years, the compassionate volunteers of Brent’s Place have lifted up families in times of medical crisis. Their dedicated support, unyielding spirit, and positive energy has created an environment of hope and healing for all those who call Brent’s Place a home away from home.

In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to temporarily suspend our volunteer program out of concern for the health and safety of our immunocompromised residents, staff, and community as a whole. While we’ve greatly missed the irreplaceable impact our volunteers have on creating a welcoming atmosphere for our families, this two-year pause has allowed us the space needed to reimagine our volunteer operations, and we’re excited to offer a refreshed Brent’s Place volunteer program that is optimized for our families and supporters.

What’s changed?

We’ve invested in a modern, easy-to-use Volunteer Portal (pictured above), refreshed onboarding procedures, created new guidelines and training, added new volunteer opportunities, and updated milestone celebrations. Now, it’s easier than ever for volunteers to get involved and see the impact of their work on Brent’s Place as a whole.

How will it work?

Starting in April 2022, volunteers will be invited to sign up with our new Volunteer Portal, a one-stop-shop where they can register for new opportunities, complete trainings, submit a background check, manage their volunteer schedule, check in for shifts, track hours, and celebrate service milestones.


I’ve signed up for other volunteer platforms over the years. Does this mean I have to sign up for a new profile?

Yes, our Volunteer Portal replaces our previous methods of communicating opportunities with volunteers. Sign up is quick and easy – there’s even a free app!

Who will have to attend training and onboarding?

Anyone interested in volunteering with Brent’s Place, regardless of volunteer history, will be asked to complete our onboarding process and opportunity-specific training. Our onboarding process shares our history, our trauma-informed approach to family support, and the importance of our Safe-Clean guidelines. Opportunity-specific trainings teach you what you need to know about volunteering with us. Both onboarding and trainings are offered virtually and at your own pace.

What’s required to volunteer?

In addition to completing our onboarding and any trainings associated with your chosen volunteer opportunities, we require a background check and will ask you to attest to your vaccination status upon arrival for on-site duties. Unvaccinated volunteers and/or those feeling ill, will not be allowed to volunteer onsite. Onsite, masks, handwashing, and social distancing are still required.

When can I come back on-site?

While we cannot predict the trajectory of COVID-19, our team is committed to bringing volunteers back on-site as soon as it’s safe to do so. We’re working closely with our trusted Medical Advisory Committee to determine a timeline that protects our most medically vulnerable residents. In the meantime, we’re taking steps to roll out more virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities in the coming months. Creating a profile on our Volunteer Portal is a great way to learn about these changes as they occur.

What does this change mean for the BPLC?

While we are grateful to the BPLC and its members for creating so many happy memories for our families over the years, we have made the difficult decision to shutter this program. Our aim is to create new opportunities for young professionals interested in supporting Brent’s Place down the road.

Who can I contact with questions?

Email our volunteer management committee at

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