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Leading with Heart

The servant leadership principles include Empathy, Persuasion, Commitment to the Growth of People, Building Community, and Stewardship. Outgoing Board Chair Tom Whyte brought a unique blend of these characteristics to Brent’s Place throughout his 8-year trustee term and three years of service as Board Chair.

Tom delivered compassionate leadership with the perfect dose of support to CEO Sean Meyerhoffer while empowering fellow Board members to govern and guide the organization through a tremendous phase of growth.

When principles are put into action, powerful impact is possible. Along with his wife, Kim, Tom inspired staff with eloquent expressions of appreciation, and wrapped their arms around Brent’s Place families through their volunteer service. Brent’s Place is a better place thanks to you, Tom Whyte!

Tom officially passed the leadership torch to the capable hands of new Board Chair John Connor in January. John has been a loyal supporter and Brent’s Place trustee for the last five years, during which he served as treasurer, served on the executive committee, governance committee, and the Chair of the Internal Affairs Committee.

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