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Happy Fall Equinox

With the onset of shorter days, cooler temperatures, and rich colors, we have arrived at period of transition. You will likely agree that 2020 has proven to be an incredibly humbling experience for us all, and for this reason change is welcomed!

To celebrate the shift in seasons, we are writing to you today with a simple but important message: Thank you.

Thank you to those who were the first to reach out to us in March to express your concern for our families, even as your own reality at home was changing.

Thank you to the many who have dropped off groceries, cleaning supplies, and care packages to make sure our families always had their essential needs met.

Thank you for understanding the strict protocols we had to put into place to keep our families safe from COVID-19, resulting in visitor and volunteer restrictions.

Thank you to the many who called to make your annual contribution early or increase your support. You all have helped to stabilize our ability to support families during their time of greatest need.

We also take this moment to pause in gratitude for our incredible hospitality partners who donated meals to keep our families well-fed, all while their businesses fought to survive.

Thank you to event supporters who moved past disappointing cancellations to still find ways to rally around Brent’s Place.

But most of all, thank you for keeping others in your heart while facing challenges of your own. Brent’s Place is truly grateful for our large, compassionate, and enduring community. And while the year is not over, and challenges remain, we are heartened to know you are by our side.

We continue to wish you and your loved ones good health and high spirits.

With gratitude,

Sean Meyerhoffer, CEO

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