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Growth Report | Your Partner in Philanthropy

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Please join us in welcoming Annie Tutt, MPH, CFRE, to the team as our new Philanthropy Director.

Annie first cut her teeth in fundraising while in college. As a student fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network she caught the fever for connecting purpose driven people with the good causes that need their investment. Over the course of her nearly 20 years in the nonprofit sector, she has helped a wide variety of nonprofits cultivate fulfilling relationships with their individual, corporate, and foundation funders. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Annie relocated to the Denver Metro area in 2021 after a trip to the region captured the hearts of her outdoor-loving family.

“Coming from the sunshine state, I honestly couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome than that which I’ve received from the Brent’s Place community,” said Annie. “Now that we’re able to safely open our doors to the larger community, I’m excited share all the wonderful things I’ve learned about this organization – and the growth ahead on the horizon - with those looking to make meaningful, local impact.”

When Annie isn’t cultivating relationships with her special dose of southern charm, she can be found traveling the globe and enjoying the great outdoors with her husband, daughters, and two dogs.

Annie can be reached directly at or 720-343-2828.

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