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Brent’s Place Thanks Fundraiser Willie Duncan

It isn’t every day you get to honor a legend, but this past month, the Brent’s Place team got to do just that.

Brent’s Place is made stronger by our families, donors, volunteers and supporters. The generosity and dedication of those who are inspired by the mission of Brent’s Place make it possible for us to continue providing unparalleled support to families in their greatest time of need, and we are persistently grateful for their commitment.

Pictured left to right: Barbara Lubbers, Sean Meyerhoffer, Will Duncan, and Donn Eley
Pictured left to right: Barbara Lubbers, Sean Meyerhoffer, Will Duncan, and Donn Eley

We had an opportunity to honor the contributions of one such champion last week when we partnered with Club Greenwood, a fitness and tennis club located in south Denver, to celebrate and thank Willie Duncan. Well known throughout Brent’s Place as the fundraising machine behind our annual Roadless Ride event, Willie has single handedly raised more than a quarter of a million dollars in support of our families and mission. Willie has been serving Club Greenwood members for over 20 years and has participated in the last nine Roadless Ride events, despite his own bout with cancer in 2019. And though he usually avoids the limelight, (even going so far as to run away from his adoring fans at times as evidenced in the below video) it’s impossible to miss the impact of his contributions, both within the walls of Brent’s Place and our community at large.

That much was made clear by the number of supporters and colleagues that showed up for Willie’s surprise celebration. Shaking pom-poms, ringing cowbells, and waving signs bearing Willie’s motto of “Let’s do it for the kids,” the crowd cheered as his personalized Roadless Ride jersey and Brent’s Place room plaque were revealed. And when he hefted a giant check bearing the total amount of his fundraising over the years, a whopping $299,415, the crowd went wild.

Ever modest, Willie shook his head saying, “I don’t do it for the recognition. I do it for the kids.”

Will Duncan greets supporters.

Brent’s Place CEO Sean Meyerhoffer summed up the emotional moment, saying, "After 11 years of working with Willie, it’s easy to see why he is so beloved. Willie's efforts to engage the members at Club Greenwood in raising money to support Brent's Place is truly amazing and a testament to how respected he is at the club. I am in awe of his can-do spirit, and we are grateful and honored to have him as part of the Brent's Place family."

Though our gratitude cannot be measured, we’re proud to dedicate Room 312 at Tanner’s House in his honor. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do in service of Brent’s Place, Willie!

Want to follow in Willie’s purpose-filled footsteps? Join #teamBrentsPlace at Roadless Ride 2021 on October 1! Registration opens August 9.

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