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ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes to BlockParty and Family Reunion Schedule

Updated: Mar 19

In 2022, we saw the return of our fan-favored, pre-pandemic community builder event, Brent’s Place Block Party. After a two-year, COVID-forced hiatus, it was refreshing to see the return of in-person events that finally offered a conduit for connection with local supporters, current Brent’s Place residents, and new partners - masked connection, but a connection nonetheless!

Adding back to Block Party’s impactful family programming, Family Reunion Weekend returned to our special event line-up last year. This brought more than 200 past and current resident family members back together again!  

While we are encouraged by the momentum and community connections made over the last two years at Brent’s Place Block Party and Family Reunion Weekend, it is unavoidable that the pandemic has changed how we gather. Special event attendance remains down, while the rising cost of goods and services makes the organizational weight of hosting large-scale events increasingly difficult.

After careful consideration, we have decided to move to an alternating-year model for The Brent’s Place Block Party and Family Reunion Weekend. Brent’s Place Block Party and Family Reunion Weekend will not be held in 2024. 

We believe that this change -  while challenging for our team and families to accept - will only make our hearts grow fonder! The alternating-year model will not only save on expenditures, allowing funds to be allocated toward key mission-focused initiatives, but it will also give space for our families to return and resettle into their hometown communities. The draw will be even stronger to reunite when these events return in the summer of 2025.

If you are a past family resident participant, please look for additional information from Allen Browning and the Family Support team in the coming weeks.

With your support, we’re excited to make the 2025 Brent’s Place Block Party and Family Reunion Weekend the best yet!


Monique McCoy

VP of External Affairs

Brent’s Place

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