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Park 17

In December 2020, Brent’s Place expanded once more to meet the increasing need for long-term housing to serve the adult patient population. Leasing 12 units at the newly developed high-rise apartment complex, Park 17 Apartments, made it possible for us to expand our network of care and support more families than ever before. Park 17 is located in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood, just blocks from our partner hospital Presbyterian/St.Luke’s.

1280 E 17th Ave

Denver, CO 80218

Tour Park 17

Our Park 17 location – including its 24-hour fitness center, indoor/outdoor fire pits, and ground-level dining options – allows adult patients and their families to experience high-quality independent living, our signature Safe-Clean housing, and support services in close proximity to life-saving treatments. With an on-site office unit staffed by Brent’s Place employees, and dedicated Family Support and House Operations teams servicing all of our facilities, we’re able to provide our uniquely tailored resident experience for all those in our care,  fostering the uplifting community that remains foundational to the Brent’s Place mission.

“We didn’t have to worry about where we were going to stay. That was a huge relief. Our apartment was private, safe, and felt secure. We expected a hotel, but it was a home.”

-Cammy and Lucy, past residents

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