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Monthly Giving


Family Support Partners give a monthly gift of any amount to Brent's Place to support the families staying here. By becoming a Family Support Partner, you'll join an important circle of donors providing critical sustaining revenue for the mission of Brent's Place, helping us continue to grow to serve the families that need us.

Reasons to give monthly:

Giving monthly enables you to give more over time and make a greater difference than you could with a one-time gift. 

You'll receive insider updates on the difference your gift is making as well as a thank you gift.

It's easy and automatic, so you can set it up once and forget about it!

It's the same as going out to eat once a month or coffee once a week. Buy one less cup of coffee a week and help provide a family memories and respite.

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"We give monthly because Brent's Place played a significant role in our lives and we hope to help it continue in the lives of other people going through extremely difficult times." 

                           -Sten and Erin Johnson, past family and monthly donors since November 2017

A monthly gift of any amount makes a difference! 


Buys a new movie for the family media room every month



Provides popcorn and snacks for a family movie night every month



Sponsors a child's birthday every month



Underwrites one day of housing for a family at Brent's Place every month


"I make a monthly donation to Brent's Place for three reasons: it's easy on the budget with automatic withdrawals; it's easy for me; and the monthly donation helps me to keep Brent's Place in my heart and mind."     -Jenny Spampinato, monthly donor since June 2016

Questions? Contact our Development Manager at 720-343-2807 or

Thank you to our Family Support Partners! 

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