Guidelines and Procedures


Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteers are a vital part of our Brent’s Place team. We would not be able to offer the community of health and healing for our families with cancer without the skills and generous spirit of our volunteers. You help us to carry out our mission of providing a safe environment, community resources and family programs for our residents so they can focus on recovery.

Because we value your needs and time and to ensure the safety of the families at Brent’s Place, Brent’s Place has a comprehensive application and orientation process. We want to ensure that we match you with the best possible volunteer opportunity. Please be sure to review our guidelines and procedures below.

Guidelines and Procedures

Age Requirements

  • You must be 16 years of age or older to volunteer on your own.
  • If you are age 13 to 15, you may volunteer with an adult, who must also go through the same application process.
  • Children under age 13 may not volunteer at Brent’s Place building, but we encourage them to hold drives or collect items for our wish list. Ask about our Youth Support activities.

Adult Volunteer Requirements (18 Years or Older)

  • Minimum time commitment of six consecutive months (a year for special event committees)
  • Volunteers agree to come in once or twice a month for a three-hour shift on the same day and shift each week.

Teen Volunteer Requirements (Minimum 16 Years /13 accompanied by an adult)

  • Minimum time commitment of six consecutive months.
  • Volunteers agree to come in a minimum of once or twice a month for a three-hour shift on the same day and shift each week.
  • Parent/guardian permission required

Record Keeping

Brent’s Place is required to keep accurate records of all volunteer hours and tasks. As a volunteer you will be asked to help us keep track of your volunteer hours. This will be addressed at orientation.

Criminal Background Check

You will be asked to submit to a criminal background check. We appreciate any support you can provide in helping to offset the costs. Each background check averages $20.

Volunteer Roles

  • Volunteers support Brent’s Place in every endeavor, from direct program services to planning and running fundraising events.
  • Volunteer roles will be addressed at volunteer orientation
  • Volunteers and Staff work together to support Brent’s Place. Brent’s Place loves our Volunteers! They are what bring the joy and sunshine to Brent’s Place!
Volunteer Orientation

Volunteer Orientation

All volunteer opportunities held at the Brent's Place building that provide direct service to our families will require you to complete a volunteer orientation.

The volunteer orientation will contain a tour of the facilities, go over volunteer guidelines, and discuss volunteer schedule. Please be prepared to discuss your availability.

  • The volunteer orientation is by registration only. Please be respectful of staff time and other volunteers by signing up for an orientation and arriving on time.
  • The volunteer orientation will last between an hour and an hour and a half.
  • Volunteer orientations are held at Brent's Place (11980 East Sixteenth Ave, Aurora CO 80010)
  • Volunteer orientations are held twice a month (usually a Monday evening at 5pm and a Friday morning at 9am).

Volunteer Procedures

Sick Policy

The most important service Brent’s Place provides is a Safe-Clean home for our families where they are free from worry about coming into contact with germs, bacteria, or viruses. It is every volunteer’s responsibility to help maintain that Safe-Clean environment by never endangering the lives of children by coming to Brent’s Place if you are exhibiting any signs of illness. Please always try and give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your volunteer shift due to illness. During flu season we appreciate it when volunteers get a flu shot, and avoid large crowded areas before volunteering to help lessen the risk of spread of infection.


Volunteers are prohibited from taking pictures of the families and children at Brent’s Place with personal cameras unless previously discussed and organized (photographers who have signed the appropriate waivers and set up planned sessions are not included in this guideline). Brent’s Place is happy to take pictures of groups and volunteers volunteering and will send you those pictures once permission has been gained from families (please ask in advance for pictures). Pictures can be shared on facebook, social media, newsletters, and posters when given express permission from Brent’s Place. Please always check with a Brent’s Place staff member.

Volunteer Schedule

Brent’s Place cannot support drop in volunteer roles. All volunteers must previously arrange when they are arriving and for how long with a Brent’s Place staff member.

Required Volunteer Service and Hours

At this time Brent’s Place does not recommend volunteering for Brent’s Place for required volunteer hours. Because of the immune compromised nature of our children and volunteer training, commitments, and guidelines it can be difficult to fulfill volunteer hours here. We are happy to work with you, and help you receive volunteer hours but we recommend discussing this at the orientation.

Corporate Engagement and Volunteer Opportunities

Brent’s Place loves working with companies that want to support their communities. Please ask for a meeting to discuss the many ways you can get your company involved. Every business is different, so we work around your employees and company goals to build a corporate engagement plant that works for you!

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