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Fundraise for Brent's Place

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Brent’s Place! Fundraisers and events hosted by those in our community help our mission to keep families together and in close proximity to the care they need. Whether you're new to fundraising or are just looking for some fresh ideas, we're here to help you achieve your goals.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Fundraising

Try to find an organization or individual willing to match some or all of your collected donations and let supporters know how much of their gifts will be matched “dollar for dollar”.

Use social media: Share a link to your personal fundraising page on Facebook or add it to your Instagram bio.

Personalize your fundraising page and social media posts with your own Brent's Place stories, photos, and experiences. Your story makes all the difference!

If approved to fundraise at work, ask about matching charitable gifts and let your colleagues know their gift can go further!

Activate your network! Enlist support from friends, family, faith-based organizations, your workplace (if appropriate) and other community organizations.

Before you send out your next personal or professional email, remember to update your email signature with your personal fundraising page link.

Downloadable Social Media Tiles

Use these tiles to educate your network and inspire them to give! How to use: Click on a tile below to be taken to DropBox. From there, click "download" and then open the image to save it to your device. We recommend posting these alongside a caption highlighting your personal experiences and why Brent's Place is so meaningful to you.

Social images 2021 (3).png
Social images 2021 (1).png
Social images 2021 (4).png
EOY Campaign 2021 HLH social.png
EOY Campaign 2021 HLH social (1).png

Fundraising Ideas

There are so many ways to raise money for the families of Brent's Place! Here we've provided some ideas to get you started but we encourage you to get creative and find the opportunity that's right for you and your fundraising base. 

Screenshot (73).png

Kid-Friendly Fundraisers

  • Host a lemonade, coffee, or hot cocoa stand.

  • Sell candy bars or lollipops at a block party or neighborhood event.

  • Host a talent show and collect ticket sales.

Tips for Teen Fundraisers

  • Host a babysitting event for the neighborhood.

  • Wash cars with friends.

  • Sell baked goods.

  • Sell handmade jewelry or crafts.

  • Offer gardening or yard work to people in your neighborhood.

  • Host a movie night.

  • Host a birthday fundraiser through Facebook.

Even More Ideas

  • Host a golf, bowling, tennis, or other sporting tournament.

  • Host a neighborhood cook-off.

  • Plan a community garage sale.

  • Host a silent auction: collect items or create baskets to auction off.

  • Host a bingo, game or trivia night.

  • Plan a wine tasting.

  • Host a benefit concert or performance and collect donations through ticket sales.

  • Host a birthday fundraiser through Facebook.

  • Play Giving BINGO: Invite friends to adopt a square for a donation amount. Add donors names to their square using your phone's photo editor. Click on the image to the right to download your Bingo board.

Click to download!

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