The Brent's Place Captains are two past Brent's Place patients whose personal stories tell of tremendous courage and strength amidst medical challenges. Esther and Greyson will represent Brent's Place in 2019 by attending community events, sharing their stories, and raising awareness for Brent's Place. Read their stories below or make a gift in honor of our Brent's Place Captains!


Bubbly and enthusiastic, six-year-old Greyson came home from his kindergarten Valentine's Day party with a yellowish tint in the corners of his eyes. What the doctors originally thought was a common virus quickly turned into the realization they were up against something more serious.


The night before Esther was born, her parents chose her name in hopes their child would embody the characteristic it meant: “victorious”. Little did they know, Esther, their smiley, courageous daughter would be diagnosed with stage IV high-risk neuroblastoma at the young age of three.

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