Families From All Walks of Life, Sharing a Common Journey

Families come to Brent’s Place from all over the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond with hopes of helping their loved one get well. While these families come from different backgrounds and geographic locations and may fight different diseases, they all share one common goal…going home healthy. Below are the stories of a few of the families who have called Brent’s Place home.


We have gotten to have a lot more interaction with the staff and other families here since Chloe has been out of hospital. She loves to go downstairs and make her "rounds" visiting with the staff. Also there are outings and scheduled meals and activities that are much more fun, and more pertinent, when you have your child with you (I don't see myself going to arts and crafts night by myself!) On Tuesday afternoon, we stumbled upon the staff setting up for gametime (which is Bingo). Chloe helped set up the elaborate prize displays and she also called out the numbers during the game (They play until every childwins). I'm glad we are getting some time to participate in normal Brent's Place life. Also a part of this normal life is not constantly having to talk about my child's health or condition. It occurred to me recently that I don't even know some of the children's diagnoses (nor had I even wondered about them). We just all accept each other's presence here, and we are living our lives. It's uplifting to be among families whose children are very sick, yet the emphasis is on life and living, not on sickness and disease. Brent's Place feeds and encourages life. That emphasis on life is part of the healing we all receive by being here. Brent's Place makes the long journey through this diagnosis doable, and not only doable, but fun, relaxing, and rewarding. This has become our home away from home, and I'm happy to call it our home base in Denver. – Chloe’s Mom

No matter the day or the occasion you all are there for the people staying at Brent's Place. I don't know what we all would do without your warm welcomes, smiles, concern, food, gifts, and love.    – Brenna’s Parents

I believe we all have "angels" that help us along in the journey we call life.  Each and every one of you at Brent's Place fall into that category.  I could not get through this time without you.  Having a safe and warm place to be, plus as close as it is to the hospital is just an added bonus.  From the deepest part of my heart, THANK YOU.  - Melody

Brent's Place was a Godsend for my family. Our 2-year-old son, Ozzie, was diagnosed with Stage 3 rhabdomyosarcoma on Nov. 12, 2012. His treatment plan called for 23 radiation treatments starting in December 2012. The treatments had to be done in Denver (seven hours from our home), and we didn't know what we were going to do.  Then we heard about Brent's Place. With its safe-clean setting andprivate apartments that include kitchens, we knew that's where we needed to be.  We were so grateful for the safe-clean setting where our little boy had the best chances of getting through his treatments, but we had no idea what we were getting into with the staff and founders of Brent's Place. We were literally spoiled rotten from the day we moved in to the sad day we had to leave. The people at Brent'sPlace must have thought long and hard about what families who stay there need, because they were providing things we didn't even realize we'd want! Dinners brought to our door three times a week, activities, movie nights, presents ... The list goes on. And the people who work there are some of the most caring people we've ever met. This may sound strange, but I actually didn't want to leave. We were so well taken care of. I encourage anyone who is looking for a worthy charity to consider giving to Brent's Place. I know as soon as my son is done kicking cancer's you-know-what and I am working again, Brent's Place will be at the top of our giving list.    – Ozzie’s Mom

Brent's Place not only provides warm and hospitable shelter and support but it gives young patients and their families the opportunity to find happy moments together and "be a family" in the midst of all the challenges of cancer treatment. The folks at Brent's Place help families to face their trials and keep walking their journey with courage.

Brent's Place is like an island in a storm. Our home here is the one constant that we can count on during this journey. The kindness and support has been amazing.  – Ashleigh’s Mom

Brent's Place is an amazing facility that not only looks out for the children's welfare, it provides families a home. While everything else in our lives seemed out of control we found comfort in knowing that we had a home where our family could find a sense of normalcy. What makes Brent's Place such an amazing place are the people who work and volunteer here. - Anonymous

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