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Program Exploration Blog #1

Program Exploration Blog #1 09 Jan 2017

The base of each non-profit is its programming or the service it offers to the community.  The most identified program of Brent’s Place is Safe-Clean housing.  You can read more about Safe-Clean housing here. We talk about it a lot, because it is at the core of everything we do.  The Eley family’s lack of Safe-Clean housing was the inspiration for starting the Brent Eley Foundation.

However, in the 20 years that Brent’s Place has been open our programming has grown and expanded to include many other support services.  Brent’s Place is more than a place. Brent’s Place is more than just a Safe-Clean apartment. Brent’s Place is more than a specialized living environment. Brent’s Place is a home of hope.  Much of that hope is born from programs like meal nights, tutoring, recreation activities, caregiver support, and more.

Over the course of the next several months we will be sharing the different programs offered at Brent’s Place for our families. 

First, we wanted to introduce you to our Programs Team. The team behing many of the Brent’s Place programs are Allen Browning our Family Services Director, Devin Traxler our Volunteer Coordinator and Cassie Davis our Program Coordinator.  The program team is also comprised of Social Work interns and program support interns.  We are incredibly lucky to have such a robust team of passionate and amazing individuals that work diligently to support the Brent’s Place families.

Our families could be with us for a week or they could be here for a year, and sometimes even longer.  It is our job to ensure that there are plenty of fun things to do as well as offering many other services to our families. 

We look forward to introducing you to one of the many Brent’s Place programs in the following Program Exploration Blogs.




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