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Welcome to Team Brent’s Place

Whether you want to host a wine tasting or plan a school fundraiser for Team Brent’s Place you can make a difference for the families traveling away from home for a medical miracle. Help create a home!

Starting your fundraiser is easy with Team Brent’s Place, and we are here to help make you a success.

Below are a few tips on how to make the most out of your fundraiser.

Keep these things in mind when you are planning your fundraiser:

  1. Have fun with it! – Choose something you like to do.
  2. Know your limits – Your event should match what you're realistically able to do, no fundraiser is too small and every dollar counts.
  3. Make it fun, yet educational – This is a terrific opportunity to inform your community about Brent’s Place, the more people that understand why Safe-Clean housing is essential for recovery and that Brent’s Place provides a home for their entire family, means the more people that will join our community.
  4. Ask for help – Whether it's a local business donating space for your event, or asking your friends to volunteer, make sure you ask for help along the way.

Fundraising ideas

With Team Brent’s Place, you can take your passions and talents and create your own fundraiser – the options are endless. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Fundraise around your local soccer or baseball tournament
  2. Plan a local golf outing
  3. Participate in a cycling race.
  4. Participate in a 5k with friends – you can even have a team fundraising page
  5. Host a wine tasting party at your house or a local bar
  6. Plan a group hike
  7. Organize a school fundraiser
  8. Have a running club at work? Sign up for a local race and fundraise with your colleagues
  9. Climb a 14’er for Team Brent’s Place... no really, anything you do, can be done for Brent’s Place!

Tap into your personal network

Planning your fundraiser is not difficult if you get the right people to join. Get friends, family and colleagues involved in your event first, and the community will soon follow. The best events are supported by a team of people so that planning, execution and other logistics are not just resting on one person.

Having the right people around to support you will help your event be successful.

Get started

Once you are ready to get going with your event, it's time to create your personal fundraising page. We have made it easy to build your page with the ability to share information and updates across your community.

There are many fun features to explore on your Team Brent’s Place fundraising page, including:

  • Personalize your page with photos, videos, and a story around your event – keep it short and sweet for the optimal impact.
  • Send emails and import contacts using Team Brent’s Place templates to help get the word out. Don't worry, you can add your own words and message to the template.
  • Share event details and updates directly from your page on Facebook and Twitter. As you hit your fundraising milestones, celebrate with a tweet or a post and keep up the momentum.
    • Use our pre-made Social media graphics. Download them HERE.
  • Track progress of your teammates (if applicable) and easily spot new donations from generous supporters.
  • Keep supporters updated on your fundraising goals through additional tools and notifications.


Have questions? 
Contact us at We're here to help and would love to bounce ideas around on how to ensure your fundraiser is a success!




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