Why Brent's Place Too


$8 Million Brent's Place Too



Immune-compromised children are highly susceptible to germs and require a Safe-Clean environment to minimize their exposure to dust, dirt, mold, and other airborne toxins. A self contained living space, appropriately isolated from other people who may carry dangerous viruses and bacteria, is also a necessity— even the common cold germ can prove fatal. Traditional hospital hospitality houses, hotels, and rental properties are not equipped to meet these specific medical needs.

Brent’s Place is designed to be:


Cleaning guidelines minimize infectious agents and the risk of exposure to others. Safety protocols, developed in partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado, conform to the best practice standards established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Self-contained and suitable for an entire family:

Apartments accommodate up to 5 family members, maintaining an intact family structure crucial to each family member’s health and well being.

Close to treatment facilities:

Located only blocks from the hospitals we serve, patients can quickly access emergency care and daily follow-up appointments.

Comforting and supportive:

Families have access to the kinds of amenities they are likely to have in their own homes, providing the ease and familiarity of everyday living during long-term stays.


All apartments are available to families at no cost.

The Health of Brent's Place

Strong Organizational Operations

Driven by purpose

Helping families living with cancer by providing housing and support when it’s needed most.


Patient outcomes are uncertain but the depth of care, comfort, and compassion provided makes a huge difference to each family member and, we believe, improves patient outcomes.

Unique environment

There is simply nothing like BP’s one-of-a-kind environment (Safe-Clean, independent apartments, suitable for the entire family) and support programs anywhere else in the country.


Only severely immune compromised patients and their family qualify (top priority is pediatric bone marrow transplant patients). We provide long-term housing and support at no charge.


Existing facility serves less than 40% of pediatric need and the need is growing.

Organizational maturity and commitment

Proven track record, strategic direction, governing BOD, great staff, strong balance sheet, plus $2.6 million has been committed from internal sources (the organization and its directors) to support expansion.

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