Brent's Place Too


When the doors to the very first Brent's Place opened over seventeen years ago, it was immediately clear that the need for our one-of-a-kind services would expand beyond the one location. Just ten years later, a second Safe-Clean facility was built to help an increasing number of families. This, our Aurora facility, filled quickly and propelled Brent's Place into the limelight as the industry leader in accommodations designed specifically for immunocompromised kids battling cancer. Today, once again, an urgent need for expansion has arisen.


 Brent's Place was completely full throughout 2015, unfortunately however, more than 50 families were turned away that year because we simply couldn’t accommodate them. We are currently able to serve just  40% of the housing needs of qualified immunocompromised patients in the Denver metro area, despite being the only hospital-recommended location for their recovery.

Thats why we need a new building!

Once complete, the new building will be located adjacent to our current facility and will;

  • Double the number of patients and families served to more than 200 annually.
  • Provide an additional 300 support program activities to alleviate daily burdens and increase the emotional health of each family member.
  • Minimize the risk and exposure to infection increasing the odds that more immune compromised children will survive and return home healthy.
  • Improve quality of life for the 300 additional family members that will come to Denver to care for their loved one.
  • Leverage the existing Brent’s Place staff to lower operating costs
Brent's Place Too


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