Brent's Place Holiday Appeal

Help Children like Brenna This Holiday Season


We are honored to introduce you to two-year-old Brenna, a little girl who loves music more than anything and has already stolen everyone's heart with her soft voice and sweet grin.


Brenna's Story

In September, healthy Brenna began experiencing seizures.  Her alarmed parents, Sara and Shane visited many doctors and after months were left without answers. Big brother, Raylen (3 years old) was very worried for his little sister and told anyone that would listen that he wanted her to feel better.

Finally, a last push by Shane to have an MRI performed showed two tumors in her little brain.  Quickly, things changed, and within days Brenna underwent her first surgery to biopsy the larger of the tumors and have a permanent shunt put in.  The first of 6 rounds of chemotherapy began on December 30th.

Because Brenna's family lives over 6 hours away from Children's Hospital of Colorado, they knew they needed to find housing.  They started at Ronald Mcdonald house but were quickly told that due to Brenna's high intensity chemo it would be unsafe for her to remain there.  The family spent a month in a hotel before they got the wonderful call from Brent's Place that an apartment had opened up for them. The month in the hotel was miserable for the family, as they had no way to prepare food, could not leave the confines of their tiny space, and worst of all, were seperated from Raylen. The call to move into Brent's Place meant that they could be a family again.

According to mom, Sara, "It was like moving into a castle, and we felt such relief knowing that we had an apartment to come home to. It was a place the kids could love, and it felt so wonderful knowing that we were out of that scary limbo."




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